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The Dream School aims at imparting Quality education through a comprehensive and differently structured curriculum using a healthy mixture of Montessori, Abacus, & learn while you play. All these innovative methodologies form part of our School curriculum. To nurture good food habits and to care of student’s health, the school provides healthy and tasty diet to the students.



The Weekly assembly offers a variety of activities. It serves as a stage for students to showcase their talents.

Computer Education

Initiating computers at the KG level provides the necessary eye hand
coordination. It helps toning of thinking skills using multimedia software.

Toy Land

An abundance of very safe and innovative toys provide every child the physical and mental stimulus needed for the overall growth into a healthy and happy child.

Audio Visual Projection Room

The Audio Visual stimuli coupled with free body movements forms an excellent platform for the young body and mind to grow. Specially screened audio visual developmental software is used appropriately.

Creative Drama

This novel curriculum is an enjoyable learning experience for the young
minds. It lets the child imagine, creative and enact on the stage, to express their
emotions overcoming their stage fear and exhibiting their talents.

Conversational Classes

Children are encouraged to become articulate and they gain confidence and fluency in English, Tamil and Hindi and their communication skills improve.

Music & Arts

Music & Arts will be an integral part of the child’s education.

Sports Academy

Early indulgence in sports activity paves the pathway for a healthy
mind & body. The spirt of healthy competition must be kindled early
in life to prepare our child for future competition in a positive way
not only in sports but also in real life.

Farm Visits

These Nature Farm visits are an integral part of the child growth. Never
to lose touch with nature sand, water, fresh air, trees, animals, birds makes
each child eco friendly appreciation the wonders of nature to repect &
love nature throughtout life.

Yoga & Meditation

Starting Yoga & Meditation at a young age creates a platform for the development of a calm and peace loving future citizen in the years to come.

Reading Class

Initiating the child to read various types of educative and fiction kindles the
child’s interest in making reading a normal habit in future.


Yoga Day Pics


Radio Mirchi


Sports Day




Annual Day


Yoga Day




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